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*Pyrography is the Art of Drawing with Heat or Fire Drawing*

Please, Have a seat! Let’s have a cuppa ..

A little history .. Dating to the 17th Century .. Evidence shows that the art form of pyrography probably dates back to prehistory, when early humans created designs using the charred remains of their fires.

“The process of fire drawing has been practiced by a number of cultures including the
Egyptians and probably dates back since the dawnof recorded history.”

In the Now, I am creating different aspects of art that inspire, consume, enlighten, humour me, or have captured my attention! The tools are primitive .. my wood burner tool, acrylics, pine wood from our family and home, lots of time .. attention .. and of course, glitter!

In Each of my glittered pieces you will find sparkles of what mystery was held before it came to fruition. The wood whispers and I acknowledge ..

All the magic and bewilderment will be yours!


All orders will be shipped asap, email for specs..  Lots of variety & subject matter.

Fishes, Signs, Owls, Verbiage, Ancient Trees, and showing works in progress ..

Thanks Bunches! ~ Hope

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Tree of Life

New! Lace Tray


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